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Masjid (mosque) is place of worship of Allah - the Only God of this universe -

Masjid is also a center of Muslim Ummah (community) in each area. Muslims gather in masjids for performing the Salat (prayer) & to deepen their knowledge about Islam. Children & newly converted Muslims, learn about Islam & reading the Holy Quran. Programs for lectures of renowned Muslim scholars are also arranged in most Masjids.

In Japan, there are about 60 Masjids (as of December 2010), most of which are built in last 20 years. The 1st Masjid in Japan was built in 1935 in Kobe (port city near Osaka), & 2nd in 1938 in Tokyo, the capital city of Japan. After the gap of about 30 years, some Masjids were built in 1960s. Masjid building rush was started after 1990, when foreign Muslims (most of whom came to Japan in 80s) became economically established & settled their roots in the Japan's soil. Many of these foreign Muslims have married to Japanese converted Muslims. Alhamdolillah, the Japanese Muslim community is increasing steadily in Japan. Masjids are the centers of these small communities, scattered throughout Japan. These Masjids are not only the place of prayers for these Muslims, but also a place of study, especially for converted Muslims & new generation. Most of the Masjids have facilities for women & children.

Masjids throughout Japan are familiar in their localities & neighboring areas. But for people who travel to other areas, or for people visiting Japan for a short time, it is difficult to find a Masjid in their traveling region. This website is an effort to provide information about all Masjids in Japan at one place, so that anyone can easily find a Masjid in any area.

For information about Masjids not included here, or for correction of any mistakes, please feel free to contact me. Your suggestions & cooperation in making this web-site better, is also welcome.